So many kids are now back in school, learning what they’ll need to learn to eventually get into a good college, and hopefully, one day live a better life. But as many will tell you, something very important that’s being ignored is mental health, and many are trying to make it a regular part of going to school for kids all over the world. 

A New School Program For Mental Health

Good News Network reports that in England, there was a survey done in hundreds of classrooms. In this program, thousands of younger kids and teens were taught about mental health and wellness, and this program was also showing how important it can be for schools to put aside time for students to relax, practice mindfulness, and more. 

This was organized by the Anna Freud National Center for Children and Families, and many students were surveyed for this study. The point of the study is showing that practicing good mental health practices can greatly help students in the long run, which should also help students perform better in school. 

As the Secretary of Education in the UK told Good News, “Schools and teachers don’t have all the answers, nor could they, but we know they can play a special role, which is why we have launched one of the biggest mental health trials in schools. These trials are key to improving our understanding of how practical, simple advice can help young people cope with the pressures they face.” And the sooner you can help younger people learn how to cope and deal with mental health issues, the better. 

Teaching Mindfulness and Mental Health

The age groups selected for this study went from fourth to ninth grade. For six weeks, nearly a hundred schools scheduled time for kids to learn about mental health, and among the subjects covered included mental illnesses like depression and bipolar disorder, eating disorders, depression, and most importantly, where to get help when you need it. 

The research is currently being evaluated, and if the results turn out well, hopefully, it will lead to more curriculums like this in schools all over the world. 

Celebrities Teaching About Mental Health in School

For several years, one of the biggest advocates for mental health for children is Goldie Hawn, the famed actress/comedienne. She’s also been very spiritual throughout her life and has talked to children in schools about the importance of taking “brain breaks.” 

Hawn has been a big advocate for starting teaching children early about the importance of mental health. She told CNBC, “We have a serious problem of mental illness today, it’s almost an epidemic – we have to really look at it, and not be afraid to look at it, in order to mitigate some of these problems and create stronger emotional stability. Yes, there’s going to be mental illness, but not where it is today.” 

Hawn also told parents, “You have to look at the eyes of your child when they talk to you, They have to have your full attention. You can’t be on your phone all the time, because that’s what they see. It’s about engagement – it’s stealing your intimacy.” 


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