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If you suffer from mental health issues like anxiety and depression, there’s a lot of little things we can all do to fight them that we often forget when we need to remember them. You know how it is, there’s something important you need to remember, but you can never remember it when you have to.

So even if you have to keep these written nearby, or on your iPhone, or any other place you keep lists of what you need to remember, here are some basics about dealing with anxiety that is good to keep in mind whenever panic strikes.

Anxiety Defined

When you look up the term anxiety on the net, it’s usually defined as “a feeling of worry, nervousness or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.” But so many of us can’t articulate what we got through when we suffer from anxiety. The first time it happened to many people, they couldn’t figure out what was wrong, what they were going through, or what to do about it.

Back in the ‘70’s people suffered from “anxiety attacks,” which are now usually defined as “panic attacks.” And as a report on Medical News Today explains, “Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental health conditions in the United States. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America say that anxiety disorders now affect roughly 40 million U.S. citizens each year.”

Keep It Simple Silly

A lot of the basics in dealing with anxiety may seem simple, but again, it’s easy to forget what to do when anxiety hits. Say you want to try and prevent anxiety from happening, well, it’s easy to forget that caffeine can send your anxiety through the roof, and staying away from it is a good idea. (How many times have you had something with too much caffeine in it, had a huge anxiety attack and said to yourself, “Well yeah, duh…”)

And it’s not just coffee. Stay away from chocolate, “especially dark chocolate,” because that can boost your adrenaline too.

How many times have you been suffering from anxiety and depression, then you realize you haven’t hit the gym in a while. Exercise lowers stress hormones in your body, and it also increases your mental focus. Exercise is a great way to get your mind, and emotions, away from anxiety and depression, and it’s another thing we forget to do when bad feelings strike.

Another one we forget, and we’re probably doing it right now: Listening to music. The right music can put you in a better mood, calm you down, help you focus, there’s a lot of great benefits for sure.

Keep Your Checklist

Don’t feel dumb for keeping a checklist or a reminder of what to do when you’re feeling anxious or stressed. In fact, it’s a very smart idea to have a bag of tricks at the ready when you have anxiety. Anxiety and depression are very good at discombobulating you and leaving you running in circles like crazy. If you gotta keep these posted everywhere, and it makes you feel better, go for it.

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