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  • NEW TIPS FOR DEALING WITH ANXIETY There’s no one size fits all way to deal with anxiety. If a routine works for you, like the saying, goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Now new first-person accounts are reaching the net about how to deal with anxiety during the pandemic. Moving and Breathing A lot of people enjoy practicing yoga to reduce stress and anxiety. As one woman wrote on, “I don’t know how I would have made it through the pandemic, and my transition... Read Article
  • NATURALLY HELPING YOURSELF IN TIME OF CRISIS Who’s stressed out, raise your hands. Okay, I see tons of hands up and let’s face it, we’re all probably feeling incredibly stressed out right now, and many of us had enough problems, to begin with, then the coronavirus and the current civil unrest made things even worse. So many of us don’t even know where to start when it comes to getting help, but there’s plenty of areas you can start with yourself. CNN has listed several good ways... Read Article
  • CELEBRITIES SPEAK OUT FOR MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK While the Corona Virus is dominating the news, what’s also been dominating the news is the importance of good mental health, especially in such trying times. Many people don’t know where to turn when they need help with their mental health, and actually, the net can be a good place to start, even if it’s just to try and seek reassurance and figure out where to take the first step. Here are some news stories about maintaining your mental health... Read Article
  • MENTAL HEALTH IN THE TIME OF CORONA VIRUS Right now, the world is really freaking out over the coronavirus threat, and it’s completely understandable. We’ve had disease outbreaks before, but with so much being put on hold because of the pandemic, people are freaking out and going into full-blown panic.  While the virus threat should, of course, be taken very seriously, and reasonable precautions should always be taken, it’s also important not to freak out and lose it. There have also been several reports that have offered mental... Read Article
  • THE MUSIC INDUSTRY IS BANDING TOGETHER TO FIGHT MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES WITH MUSICIANS AND THEIR CREWS There’s been a strong, growing effort in the music industry to give musicians mental healthcare because too many young, troubled artists have passed away. There have been people concerned enough that they have formed their own organizations to try and help. Now Rolling Stone is taking a new look at how musicians are trying to help each other with their mental health issues and help raise mental health awareness as well. “Like Never Before” As this report explains, musicians and industry people... Read Article
  • HOW KOBE BRYANT TRIED TO HELP WITH MENTAL HEALTH The world is still in shock and mourning under the unexpected death of Kobe Bryant. In addition to his incredible basketball record, many don’t know he also was a mental health advocate as well. How Kobe Came Forward and Helped Bryant’s sports record speaks for itself, but many don’t know about how he was a mental health advocate, especially for kids. He had a program called Don’t Retire Kid, which stressed the importance of fighting anxiety with exercise. Bryant also... Read Article
  • GOOD THINGS TO REMEMBER WHEN ANXIETY HITS When treating mental health disorders like addiction, it’s easy to forget the right thing to do when you need it. There are what are known as “truisms,” or little sayings that hit the nail right on the head and strike a chord, and many who have gotten help for mental health are very familiar with them, and often rely on them in times of trouble. Now YourTango has run a number of great anxiety reminders that can provide great roadmaps to a... Read Article
  • HOLLYWOOD AND WELLNESS It’s been going on in Hollywood for so long now, it’s practically part of the fabric of the business…wellness. Whether it’s stars practicing meditation and yoga, to hiring gurus and healers, many of the biggest stars in the business have wellness coaches that teach them the best ways to fight back anxiety, stress, and depression. But you don’t need tons of money to use wellness techniques in your own life. In a recent story in the Hollywood Reporter, a number... Read Article
  • A NEW REPORT ON TEACHING MENTAL HEALTH IN SCHOOL So many kids are now back in school, learning what they’ll need to learn to eventually get into a good college, and hopefully, one day live a better life. But as many will tell you, something very important that’s being ignored is mental health, and many are trying to make it a regular part of going to school for kids all over the world.  A New School Program For Mental Health Good News Network reports that in England, there was... Read Article
  • ANXIETY 101 REMINDERS If you suffer from mental health issues like anxiety and depression, there’s a lot of little things we can all do to fight them that we often forget when we need to remember them. You know how it is, there’s something important you need to remember, but you can never remember it when you have to. So even if you have to keep these written nearby, or on your iPhone, or any other place you keep lists of what you... Read Article