• HOLLYWOOD AND WELLNESS It’s been going on in Hollywood for so long now, it’s practically part of the fabric of the business…wellness. Whether it’s stars practicing meditation and yoga, to hiring gurus and healers, many of the biggest stars in the business have wellness coaches that teach them the best ways to fight back anxiety, stress, and depression. But you don’t need tons of money to use wellness techniques in your own life. In a recent story in the Hollywood Reporter, a number... Read Article
  • A NEW REPORT ON TEACHING MENTAL HEALTH IN SCHOOL So many kids are now back in school, learning what they’ll need to learn to eventually get into a good college, and hopefully, one day live a better life. But as many will tell you, something very important that’s being ignored is mental health, and many are trying to make it a regular part of going to school for kids all over the world.  A New School Program For Mental Health Good News Network reports that in England, there was... Read Article
  • ANXIETY 101 REMINDERS If you suffer from mental health issues like anxiety and depression, there’s a lot of little things we can all do to fight them that we often forget when we need to remember them. You know how it is, there’s something important you need to remember, but you can never remember it when you have to. So even if you have to keep these written nearby, or on your iPhone, or any other place you keep lists of what you... Read Article
  • NEW UPDATES ON TEEN MENTAL HEALTH Mental health day. If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s been around for a long time, but it’s gaining more resonance in Today’s day and age of mental health awareness. Recently, a group of teenagers in Oregon has passed a law that gives high school students a number of mental health days they can take per semester. It’s something that hits home for Oregon, which has had a high suicide rate in recent years. (According to a recent report,... Read Article
  • HOW TO AVOID SOCIAL MEDIA FATIGUE Social media is an important tool for the world, but there can be too much of a good thing. Whether you enjoy being on social media or are using social media platforms for your business, it’s important to avoid social media fatigue. With so much information out there in the world at your fingertips, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed like a flood, so here are some tips to avoid social media fatigue.   Social Media Fatigue Facts   As... Read Article
  • Please Siri: Being Polite to my Digital Assistant Siri, please call mom. Alexa, please play my favorites. Hey Google, please dim the lights. Really? You’re saying please to a computer? Actually, yes I am. You see, being polite to my digital assistant is not intended for it (no, I’m not developing a relationship and I am hopefully not codependent on my phone ), but rather it’s intended for me. Ultimately, the way I speak and the way I act -even those subtle things, actually have an impact on... Read Article
  • It’s Good to Be a Bored Soul, Productively. When was the last time you were truly bored? I mean really bored. Not the surfing Netflix/browsing youtube, facebook, looking for entertainment type of bored, rather the actually doing absolutely nothing type of bored. Like in the old days, where a bus ride or cab ride meant looking out the window, enjoying the sights and letting your mind wander. Know what I mean? Those of us who do make the time to get out and go for a walk/jog/run, often... Read Article
  • Less Me = More Me From limited me to unlimited potential Have you ever lost yourself in a project? Have you ever volunteered for a cause near and dear to you, that time flew by and you forgot to eat? Have you ever been part of a protest with hundreds, or thousands of others and felt that adrenaline, as you joined the chant? Or perhaps at a concert, losing yourself in the chorus? Wasn’t it liberating? Wasn’t it exhilarating? Did you not feel ‘more alive’?... Read Article