Feeling Stuck? Find Your Passion

Feeling Stuck? How To Find Your Passion and Start Living Life Your Way

How to Discover Who You’re Meant to Be

One of life’s biggest mysteries is how to  find your passion and finally start living life your way.

Many of us wander about life feeling stuck, unfulfilled and ultimately unhappy.

We may take jobs that barely fulfill us and often overwhelm us just to make ends meet, while dreaming of what a different life would be like-one that allowed us to maximize our talents.

In this post, I’ll provide some tips and questions to ask yourself to help you move closer to understanding and pursuing your individual passion.

But..before we can do that, we have to ask ourselves : “what is passion?” anyway?

Passion is something intrinsic (within) that drives, motivates and influences your decision making in life.

Your passion should intrigue and at times, challenge you.

It is absolutely possible that you can pursue your passion and still experience challenges .

Take a look at these examples of “famous failures”:


Therefore, we can see that even the most celebrated talents have experienced setbacks on their journey.

So let’s get into it.


Take A “Passion” Quiz

There are loads of questionnaires that folks have created to help individuals discover and identify their passions.

These can be helpful in that you basically just plug in your talents/skills/interests and other relevant info and the quiz matches you to potential career paths and provides valuable insight.

It’s kind of  fun and easy.

I’ve done some others myself and ended up being matched to the career of “Life Coach”.

I’d previously heard of life coaching but never seriously considered it as a potential passion for me.

However- here I am, providing motivation and insight to help others. I basically consider myself an online life coach/blogger. So there is definitely some value in these quizzes at times- even if just to open your mind to possibilities you haven’t explored.

I think this self-assessment quiz on Oprah.com is a great place to start. It only takes a few minutes and I’ve found it to be on point.

Once we understand our “personality type” we can then move forward in identifying and utilizing that information to guide us towards a particular career path.

  • Pro Tip: Be honest as you answer each question. Choose the answer that best depicts who you are at your core.

You can take a look at my results below-


Pay Attention to Your Dreams

Sometimes there can be great meaning in that which keeps us up at night and the thoughts that steal our focus during the day.

There are all sorts of conflicting theories about the idea that our dreams are actually methods of communication about what our underlying passions are.

As each person is different, I think it’s something worth considering and applying to your own situation.

I used to find myself fantasizing and dreaming about being a CEO/Founder of a successful company and being able to travel freely around the world while helping people.

These dreams still occupy my subconscious as I “sleep” and even during the day.

I’ve since done some self-discovery and learned that the underlying desire was connected to my desire to help others and my wanting flexibility and freedom over my professional destiny.


So, with all that said. Ask yourself the following questions :

  • What do I often dream about at night?
  • What steals my focus during the day/ day dreaming?
  • Are there any insights or passions that can be revealed in examining these dreams?


What problems do you care enough about to solve?

If you think about it, any career/job/profession has at least one thing in common: they all solve a problem. 

Think about your current job and break it down in it’s most basic framework- what problem is your company aiming to solve in society?

You can apply this same approach to helping you discover your passion.

Take a look at what life issues or societal problems get you really amped up.

If you stay connected to problems that you are passionate about solving, you are closer to discovering who you’re meant to be.

As a life coach/counselor/founder- all of my current work connects back to helping people achieve their highest quality of life.

Staying connected to this overall purpose has united my work and allowed me to stay focused on my passion pursuit.

So take a look at the issues that you truly care about, the ones that get you revved up.

Now consider if there’s some opportunity to make a living helping to solve that problem.

  • Pro Tip: Try to assess that your interest has the potential to keep you enthused for life.
    • Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box with this one.

Try New Things

Perhaps you don’t feel that you’ve come into contact with your true passion yet. That’s perfectly fine.

Then- try to incorporate different kinds of experiences into your life.

Discovering your passion doesn’t happen by simply THINKING about it all day- it’s about DOING.

The best way to find out who you’re meant to be is to take action and discover that which truly makes you feel alive.

Take me for example. I never intended to become a blogger/writer. However- I tried something new by starting a blog and just going for it.

So open yourself up to new experiences. Hang out with new people, volunteer with a new organization, try a new task or join a club/group that explores a new interest of yours.

Here is a great resource for finding volunteer opportunities.

These experiences might help you discover new interests that could develop into a passion (it’s okay to have more than one passion)

You can also ask close family/trusted friends what they think are some of your best qualities.

They may also be able to provide feedback that can help guide you in the direction to live life your way.


There is no perfect process to discovering your passion (s). It can be messy, confusing, accidental, intentional.

Everyone’s process is totally different.

Remember-  Oprah was demoted from an early tv news anchor job, and Steve Jobs was fired from the company he started himself.

Maintain your focus and a consistent belief in yourself and you will truly live a life of purpose.

The key is to explore what you’re already good at- perhaps the answer can become clear if you take a look inward.

Keep yourself open to new experiences and try new things, perhaps your passion or life interest can reveal itself through an experience that is waiting for you.

Pay attention to the signs around you (dreams/thoughts).

Take note of the problems that light you up  that you dream of helping to solve.

Think outside the box.

Good luck on your journey.


Victor Furtick
Article by Victor Furtick
Hello! I’m Victor, a Licensed Master Social Worker and an awesome guy who cares about helping you. I focus on stress management, anxiety and depression. I’m understanding and supportive and will help you live your best life.

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