• Charlene Corpus
    Charlene Corpus Buddhist,Life Coach,Wellness Expert
    As a JRNI Certified Life Coach and natural shaman by lineage, my work weaves the sciences of positive psychology, neurobiology, and person-centered coaching, with the esoteric knowledge of shamanic healing, energy medicine (reiki and Energy Mastery), meditation, and intuitive gifts.
  • Chris Cavalieri
    Chris Cavalieri Life Coach
    The coaching process addresses goals and transitions in life, relationships or profession by examining what is going on right now, existing obstacles or challenges, and then identifying a course of action.
  • Sara Young
    Sara Young Wellness Expert
    Sara is an energy healer. She helps people release the energetic charge around traumatic events and helps create deep shifts of a cellular nature so that people can be healthy and happy in a liberated life.
  • Caroline Naughton
    Caroline Naughton Life Coach,Wellness Expert,Yogi
    Come distill poignant planet medicine and play musical spheres with the harmonic mysteries of your very own birth chart. Conjure up metaphorical agility as you weave your personal mythology into outer and inner truth.
  • Rachel Vdolek
    Rachel Vdolek Life Coach,Wellness Expert
    I am an energy healer who focuses on helping people balance their chakras and release stuck emotions that are blocking them from their dream life.
  • Melissa Drake
    Melissa Drake Guru
  • Erez Safar
    Erez Safar Life Coach
    Positive Perspective Guru
  • Sonia Hare
    Sonia Hare Wellness Expert
    Sonia believes in achieving your best self through proper diet and exercise. Whether you are looking to make minor tweaks or an overall change to cleanse the bad and uncover your potential, Sonia can help!
  • Benjamin Bindell
    Benjamin Bindell Life Coach
  • Donovan Saddler
    D. Buddha Guru
    D. Buddha has been practicing Buddhism for over 15 years. He has been using chanting and active meditation to activate the Buddha nature or source energy that resides inherently in each person. When that power is activated, benefits such as courage, wisdom, compassion, and life condition are drawn forth from one's life and is able to manifest desired results or knowledge. D. Buddha has worked with others through encouraging, mentoring, leading others to access the power of their own life and pull forth the positive attributes that reside within. Through working with over hundreds of people through the course of his Buddhist practice, D. Buddha is capable of helping you find the power in you in order to overcome the resistance in daily life and live a happy and fulfilling life!