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It’s been going on in Hollywood for so long now, it’s practically part of the fabric of the business…wellness. Whether it’s stars practicing meditation and yoga, to hiring gurus and healers, many of the biggest stars in the business have wellness coaches that teach them the best ways to fight back anxiety, stress, and depression.

But you don’t need tons of money to use wellness techniques in your own life. In a recent story in the Hollywood Reporter, a number of wellness coaches talked about their techniques, and how people of every day walks of life can apply them.

Fighting Back Stress

Hollywood is a very stressful environment, but the real world for most people is a very stressful environment as well. A lot of Hollywood people look to the latest in wellness, or what other people are practicing, and many have coaches to help them through.

While many of these coaches, healers, and teachers have become popular and well-known in Hollywood, it’s not about their celebrity, and it’s about what they can teach people that’s most important.

One popular coach is Harry Paul, or Harry the Healer, as he’s well-known in the business. A simple key we can all remember is living in the now where “we can broadcast and radiate.”

Paul is a genuine shaman, and a lot of people in Hollywood are turning to shamans for help in their lives. As Harry Paul explained, “We all want to feel relevant, significant, and recognized. But your opinion is the only one that matters. When you recognize yourself, your life will shift. Life’s an inside job, and we forget that.”

Wellness Hacks

As it turns out, there are also indeed wellness hacks, just like there are hacks in many areas of life. One wellness coach named Shamn Durek wrote a book called Spirit Hacking, and he told the Reporter, “In today’s world of perfection, we achieve things based upon what’s been achieved before us. Perfection is about feeling happy and joyful in what you’re doing, and the moment you feel stuck because you don’t have inspiration coming through, it means you’re taking it too personally and too seriously. You’re putting too much attention on wanting to be perfect so that you’re not enjoying it.”

A great key soul hack? “Go back to the moment in your life because you decided to be a writer, actor, or director, and reflect on what the inspiration was that made you feel so good about doing it. Remember the visions and ideas that stimulated you…Pressure, stress, writer’s block, frustration, and anger can all be avoided when we reflect backwards to the moment that made us first want to do what we’re doing and then do it with joy.”

This doesn’t just apply to creativity, but to many things in our lives, and it can be a remarkable key to opening ourselves up. What’s great about so many wellness techniques is once we learn them, we can apply them all the time, like deep breathing exercises (one wellness coach said this is great because breathing is “so portable”), and you don’t have to have a ton of money to apply them.

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