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Right now, the world is really freaking out over the coronavirus threat, and it’s completely understandable. We’ve had disease outbreaks before, but with so much being put on hold because of the pandemic, people are freaking out and going into full-blown panic. 

While the virus threat should, of course, be taken very seriously, and reasonable precautions should always be taken, it’s also important not to freak out and lose it. There have also been several reports that have offered mental health suggestions during what is becoming a very trying time in world history.

Keeping it Together

A report on CNBC tells us that in addition to physical cautions, you need to take during the coronavirus threat, they are also giving mental health advice as well. As we’ll all come to realize in this time of crisis, it’s important to keep your mental health together in a time of a major crisis like this, and for many, this could be one of the toughest life tests yet.

And one of the hardest parts of this crisis is the fact that many people are quarantining themselves out of fear. As MSNBC reports, the WHO, or World Health Organization, tells us, “For people in isolation, the mental health considerations include tips on staying connected to people by email, social media, videoconferencing and phone. WHO recommends sticking to a daily routine and engaging in healthy, relaxing activities. 

This story also reports that the New York City Health Commissioner “urged people to use the city’s mental health services if they are feeling anxious or depressed.” And indeed, taking in a barrage of bad news isn’t easy to take.

Helping Others in Time of Global Need

It’s also important to discuss the problem with your children in an “age-appropriate way” that will keep them from hitting the panic button. Children will need the comfort of their parents during this time, and it’s important to be strong for them, even if you’re feeling uneasy yourself. And like everyone else, it’s important for families to keep to a normal daily routine as well. This is similar to when you’re suffering from anxiety and/or depression: Keep working through it and push through as best as you can.

Don’t Panic

As MSN reminds us, worrying about all of this won’t help the situation, and it’s important to take one of the most important and simple steps. Breathe deep, hold it for ten seconds, and exhale. 

It’s also a good idea to limit how much time you spend watching—the news. Right now, there’s a constant barrage of bad news, and sitting around watching it endlessly isn’t going to help. As one psychiatrist highly recommends, “limit daily viewing and consumption of news media.

While what many people are recommending is simple, like breathe deep, go for a walk, limit your news consumption, these things do actually help. And having strong mental health goes a long way to maintaining good physical health.

Always remember, as MSN tells us, there have been many viruses like this throughout history, and this one will eventually run its course. “Yes, there will be those who will be affected, and there will also be those who won’t be affected. No matter what, allowing your anxiety to take over is no help. It can’t be stated enough: A healthy mind plays a major role in having a healthy body.” 

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