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Please Siri: Being Polite to my Digital Assistant

Siri, please call mom. Alexa, please play my favorites. Hey Google, please dim the lights.

Really? You’re saying please to a computer? Actually, yes I am. You see, being polite to my digital assistant is not intended for it (no, I’m not developing a relationship and I am hopefully not codependent on my phone ), but rather it’s intended for me. Ultimately, the way I speak and the way I act -even those subtle things, actually have an impact on me and how I treat others in the future. Treating my personal possessions and even my food with respect will subconsciously impact how I treat myself and others. We must never underestimate the little nuances in life. You can ask a marketing expert or a food presenter and they’ll tell you how much of a difference the ‘little things’ make.

If I start barking orders at my digital assistant, then what I am actually doing, is desensitizing myself and accustoming myself to this type of talk and behavior. It may not be apparent immediately, but it will impact me in the long run.

By asking Siri to ‘please call mom’, what I’m really doing is training myself to always speak respectfully and to always be sensitive to myself and others. I become a respectful sensitive person.

If I am sensitive to a piece of bread (I don’t throw it, or play with it) and I am respectful to my phone, or any other inanimate object, or any part of nature that has been entrusted to our care, I become a more sensitive, respectful individual, and that sensitivity and respect, will come more naturally and easily to me in the most important relationships and to my own character development.

It’s just a small thing, but oh with such big results!

Siri, please post.

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